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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Green Goodness

If I didn't know better, I would question whether or not Piper is really my daughter.

This weekend, we went to out friend George's third birthday party.   All of the kids were having a blast in a big blow-up pool with a slide and sprinkler.  It was pretty awesome.  None of the kids had a care in the world, which is the way it should be.  They were laughing and splashing and only stopped long enough chow down on cake and ice cream.  That is everyone except Piper.  No - Piper would rather have green beans and blueberries.

My little nugget is the healthiest eater I know...much the opposite of me.  She wants nothing to do with cake, ice cream, muffins or basically anything that constitutes a yummy piece of heaven.  We tried to give her a taste of a Dairy Queen cone and she acted like we were torturing her.  Piper also turns her nose up at kid staples like hot dogs, mac&cheese and chicken nuggets.  But give her a plate full of peas, green beans and strawberries and she is a happy camper.  In fact, we have yet to find a veggie she doesn't like.

We usually feed her bites of what we eat.  So far some of her favorites include chilean sea bass, saffron risotto, avocado and spinach tortellini.  I kid you not.  Seriously, who is this kid!?

Check in with us a year from now and it may be a different story, but for now, we will enjoy our healthy little eater.  I kid about it, but am secretly pleased that Piper is such a healthy eater and says no to processed food.  Maybe I'll even pick up some of her will power and say no to cake and ice cream.  Who am I kidding.  That's never going to happen!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Free Gift With Purchase?

I am a sucker for beauty product advertising and I'll try almost any product, once.  Will it even my skin tone...prevent wrinkles...make my eyes sparkle...last all day?  Well then let me slap down my debit card.  But what really draws me in at the department stores are the gifts with purchase.  I love the mini make-up kits, tote bags, umbrellas and even got a cute necklace free with a perfume purchase.  However, it seems like the new trend is that the free gift with purchase is not always "free."

A few weeks ago, I was at Macy's and stopped by the Clinique counter to purchase some powder.  The sales woman told me that they were offering a gift with purchase.  Woo hoo!  She then told me that if I purchased another $15 worth of product, I would qualify to purchase the "gift" set for $35.  Excuse me!?  I am spending money on your product and am then rewarding with the option to spend more money.  That's ridiculous and horrible marketing, especially with our current economy.

One week later I was in New Jersey for my sister-in-law's wedding and stopped by Estee Lauder to get my make-up done.  I don't usually wear Estee Lauder, but knew that I had to purchase a product or two since they were doing my make-up.  The make-up artist mentioned that they were doing a free gift with purchase.  But low and behold, Estee Lauder's gift was actually free!  Guess which company I am now going to purchase cosmetics from?