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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dark Circles Be Gone!

Almost any wommy will tell you that coffee and under eye concealer are absolute necessities when trying to navigate early morning meetings, without much sleep.  I have tried countless brands of concealer and have finally found a favorite, along with a few other wommy drugstore must-haves.  As for coffee, as long as it's hot and has caffeine, I'll drink it.

  • Amazing Cosmetics concealer is literally amazing.  A small tube for $28 will last you months.  The trick is to only use a teeny tiny amount.  A little goes a long way with this stuff.  I guarantee your dark circles will go deep undercover.
  • TRESemme fresh start dry shampoo is a life saver for those days you don't have time to wash your hair.  A few sprays, a brush through and your hair will look and smell freshly washed. 
  • Clinique Almost Lipstick in blackhoney looks dark in the tube, but goes on sheer and compliments virtually every skin tone.
  • Maybelline Lash Stiletto waterproof mascara will make your eyes appear more awake and your lashes look long and glossy.  It works better than the more expensive brands I've tried. 
I am a self proclaimed beauty product junkie and will basically try anything that claims to be anti-aging, skin brightening or glossy.  But I've found that the best way to perk myself up doesn't cost a penny.  As cheesy as it sounds, a smile and a good laugh are easy ways to brighten your face and lift your mood.   Give it a try.  I promise it will work.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Give That Girl a Set of Wings

Piper makes friends everywhere she goes and our trip to Scottsdale to visit Nina and Papa Jimbo was no exception.  This was Piper's first flight and I had visions of her having a meltdown capped off by an explosive poonami moments after take-off.  What happened instead taught me a very valuable lesson - never underestimate my daughter.  She turned out to be an all around traveling super star.

Piper sat on my lap playing quietly throughout the entire flight to Scottsdale.  She charmed our neighbors on the plane and other passengers greeted her by name at the baggage claim.  I figured we got lucky on the flight to Arizona, but was still edgy about the flight home.  Once again, Piper came through with flying colors.  She even helped a flight attendant hand out drinks, while clapping and smiling at other passengers. Come on, who can resist a happy baby.  

Besides getting showered with attention from Nina and Papa, Piper hit quite a few milestones during our trip.  She turned nine months, got her first haircut, went swimming in an outdoor pool and pulled herself up to standing for the first time.  Talk about packing a lot into a short period of time.  Why is it that the work week always seems to drag, but a week of vacation seems to fly by at warp speed!?  

Babies and children are much more adaptable than we give them credit for.  Sometimes I think we are the ones who put the pressure on ourselves and them. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Make Me a Bird

Tomorrow, we're embarking on our first trip with an infant.  Yep - nine-month-old Piper will be flying the friendly skies...or at least I hope they're friendly.

Pre-baby, I used to be a frequent business traveler.  I would cringe if I got stuck behind a family with children going through airport security.  It usually took them forever to get through with their kids, strollers and gear.  Ugh!  Even worse was seeing someone with a baby about to board the same flight as me.  I would pray that they sat nowhere near me.

Ironically, I am now going to be one of those people struggling with a stroller, diaper bag and squirmy baby.  I've gotten tons of great tips from other wommies like making sure Piper is eating at take off and landing, so that her ears don't hurt, or packing lots of snacks and toys to keep her occupied.  Frankly, my biggest fear is that we will experience an infamous Piper poonami minutes into our four-hour flight.  How lovely will that be for everyone in an enclosed aircraft!?

Luckily Piper is a happy and laid back baby, so chances are everything will go smoothly.  Just in case, I am going to make sure she is dressed super duper cute.  At least that way she will charm everyone before the meltdown occurs and she can get by on her cuteness.  Don't judge me for playing the cute baby card.  Desperate times call for desperate measures :-)

Stay tuned to hear how it al goes...