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Friday, March 4, 2011

Make Me a Bird

Tomorrow, we're embarking on our first trip with an infant.  Yep - nine-month-old Piper will be flying the friendly skies...or at least I hope they're friendly.

Pre-baby, I used to be a frequent business traveler.  I would cringe if I got stuck behind a family with children going through airport security.  It usually took them forever to get through with their kids, strollers and gear.  Ugh!  Even worse was seeing someone with a baby about to board the same flight as me.  I would pray that they sat nowhere near me.

Ironically, I am now going to be one of those people struggling with a stroller, diaper bag and squirmy baby.  I've gotten tons of great tips from other wommies like making sure Piper is eating at take off and landing, so that her ears don't hurt, or packing lots of snacks and toys to keep her occupied.  Frankly, my biggest fear is that we will experience an infamous Piper poonami minutes into our four-hour flight.  How lovely will that be for everyone in an enclosed aircraft!?

Luckily Piper is a happy and laid back baby, so chances are everything will go smoothly.  Just in case, I am going to make sure she is dressed super duper cute.  At least that way she will charm everyone before the meltdown occurs and she can get by on her cuteness.  Don't judge me for playing the cute baby card.  Desperate times call for desperate measures :-)

Stay tuned to hear how it al goes...

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