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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Elmo the Extraordinary

It's amazing how an Elmo balloon from the dollar store can invoke pure joy from a toddler and make you realize that money doesn't buy happiness.  Delving into the frenzied holiday crowds of people shoving, pushing and speeding through parking lots highlights this point even more.  

I love this age and time of year.  Piper is fascinated with simple things like seeing an airplane in the sky, hearing a puppy bark or exploring an empty box.  Putting blocks in and out of an empty box can provide hours of entertainment.  It's amazing to catch a glimpse of the world through Piper's eyes as she's discovering new things.

I want to enjoy her fascination with Christmas lights, glitz and music as long as possible.  She claps her hands with glee whenever we walk through stores decorated for the holidays and greets everyone we pass with a big "hello" and a smile.  No one has every hesitated to smile back at her :-)

How great is it that at 18 months, I can purchase holiday presents for Piper right in front of her and she has no idea.  Heck, I could wrap up toys she already has and she would be thrilled to open them.  Now that's not to say I haven't fed into her recent fascination with Elmo.  Hence the balloon and an Elmo doll that's sitting high in the closet, wrapped and ready for Santa to put under the tree.  I must admit, I can't wait to see her reaction when she unwraps Elmo.  If Piper's reaction to the doll is anywhere close to her reaction to the Elmo balloon, it will be one of the best Christmas memories to date.

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