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Monday, October 3, 2011

8 Crazy Nights

I was at my desk feverishly trying to finish up projects and tie up loose ends before heading out on our vacation to St. Thomas when I got the dreaded call from Piper's daycare.  She had a temp of 102.5 and I needed to go pick her up and take her to the doctor.  Turns out my poor Sweet P had a double ear infection.

As I waited at the pharmacy, holding a sick little munchkin, I panicked even more about leaving her for a week long vacation.  On top of my separation anxiety, I had visions of her being up all night and not having mommy and daddy there to comfort her.  Turns out I had no reason to worry at all.  In fact, Piper had such a great time with Nina and Papa that she barely noticed we were gone.

By the time we left, the antibiotics had kicked in and she was full of energy.  During the eight days we were lounging on the beach and sipping pina coladas, the little nugget napped for two hours every single afternoon and slept for 11-12 hours most nights.  Incredible.  She learned new words, new songs and didn't have a single meltdown.  Ummm - the week before, there were meltdowns in Target, at daycare and at home.  It's true, grandparents have the magic touch.

Before now, we had only left her for one night with my mom and when we returned, she was super mad at us at gave us the cold shoulder.  Oh yes, a toddler with attitude.  We were fearful that upon returning from being gone over a week, Piper would absolutely hate us.  Our flight arrived late Saturday night.  On Sunday morning when we went to get her out of her crib in the morning, she stared at us in confusion.  I guess after a week of Nina and Papa getting her up, she was a bit surprised to see us.  It took her about an hour to fully adjust to the fact that both Nina and Papa and Mommy and Daddy were there.

It was amazing to see how much Piper bonded with Nina and Papa.  They live in Arizona and we skype every Sunday, but having them to herself for an entire week must have been heaven.  When we got home from dropping them off at the airport, Piper immediately ran to her playroom and called out "Papa." She walked around the house wondering where they went.  It will be interesting to see how she reacts when we skype this week.

We learned a couple lessons with this experience.  First, we can leave Piper and take a few days for some R&R, without feeling guilty.  Secondly, grandparents are priceless and we are incredibly blessed that Piper has such great grandparents on both sides.  Talk about a lucky little girl and a lucky Wommy.

Now to plan the next trip... ;-)


  1. Amazing what some meds can do! Glad you ALL had a nice time while on vacation. :)

  2. And Nina and PaPa loved every minute with Piper!!! She is a Sweet P! We are always available whenever you want us!!