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Monday, April 18, 2011

Naked Baby at Applebee's

Naked babies and artichoke dip don't usually mix.  That is until Piper visited an Abblebee's in Niles, Michigan.

Piper recently embarked on her very first road trip - a five hour drive from Chicago to Livonia, Michigan to her Aunt Shanae's wedding shower.  Armed with food, snacks and toys, the drive there was a breeze.  Our superstar traveler slept and played for the entire trip.

After a great weekend of celebrating Aunt Shanae's upcoming wedding (of which Piper will be a flower girl) and receiving lots of hugs and cuddles from family, we headed out on the trip back to Chicago.  About an hour and a half from home we stopped for lunch at an Abblebee's.  Piper was in a great mood and excited to stretch her little legs.

Once inside, we were enjoying an appetizer when it became clear Piper needed to be changed.  I scooped up a diaper and a travel-size pack of wipes and headed to the bathroom.  My little angel had one of the worst poonamis to date.  We're talking poop squished up to her shoulder blades and out the sides of her diaper.  After I spent a good 10 minutes scrubbing Piper down with wipes I realized that the extra outfit I had was out in the car.

The look on my husband's face as he saw me walking back to the table with a naked baby was priceless.  It was the mommy walk of shame...and I was mortified.  By the time he got her a new outfit from the car, Piper was making new friends, had become the star attraction of Applebee's and she was loving every moment of it, waving and laughing.

I am going on record now with the prediction that Piper will grow up to be an actress...or maybe even a politician.  When she makes it big, I will be sure to embarrass her by sharing the story of the great Applebee's incident of 2011.


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