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Friday, September 2, 2011

Tears and Toddlers

This week at daycare drop-off there were some tears, but not from Piper.  I was the one who needed a Kleenex.  Piper officially transitioned from the infant room to the toddler room.  My Sweet P has suddenly become a big girl.

Piper's daycare is wonderful and her teachers are absolutely amazing.  In fact, her teachers have taught me as much as they've taught Piper.  Being a first time mom is completely overwhelming and I constantly asked the teachers for advice.  Heck, her main teacher has 15 years of experience with babies.  She helped me figure out when to transition to baby food and when to move to whole milk.  She calmed my nerves and let me know that everything I was worried about was completely normal.  When I'm worried about Piper not eating enough or not feeling well, her teacher would call to check in throughout the day to let me know how everything was going.  Piper adores her and so do I.

On our last drop-off in infants, I dressed Piper up in a special pink sundress, put her hair in pigtails with matching pink bows and put on her silver shoes.  We got there early and gave all of the teachers little gifts.  I gave Piper's teacher a hug and that's when the tears started.  Then I looked over and saw my Sweet P sitting at the table eating cheerios and she just looked so darn grown up...and the tears really flowed.  Yes, I realize she is only 15 months old, but seeing her next to the younger babies made me realize how quickly time flies by.  I plan to continue enjoying every moment!

The infant room is like a little cocoon and I love getting her settled and chatting with her teacher every morning.  I am going to miss that.

Word on the street is that Piper's teachers in toddlers are pretty fantastic too.  Maybe by the time she transitions to the next classroom I'll be able to hold it together.  Oh who am I kidding, I am sure I'll be the class cry baby once again.  

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