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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Green Bean Bandit Strikes Again

Instead of a mask she wears a smile and instead of a cape she wears a pink tutu.  Her blue eyes are laser focused on the piles of green...that's green beans, of course.  According to her teachers, Piper is already infamous at daycare as the Green Bean Bandit.

As I've mentioned before, Piper is a veggie freak.  She loves anything green and green beans are her veggie of choice.  So much so that at lunch she devours her green beans and then starts quietly stealing from the plates of the other kiddies.  Not that they seem to mind much.  Chicken nuggets, pizza, ravioli and all other kiddie yummies sit untouched on her plate.  

Piper doesn't discriminate against veggies other than green beans.  She'll steal peas, tomatoes, lima beans, broccoli and cauliflower too.  Fair warning to all other veggie loving toddlers - guard your plate if the Green Bean Bandit is around.   She'll charm you with her smile and swipe your veggies before you can say the words "nap time."

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